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English Instead, it is against gay and lesbian citizens of the country. English It is revolting to see right-wing politicians scapegoating gay people in Lithuania. English Will you finally end the unacceptable discrimination against married gay couples?

English They have also been very strongly supportive of gay rights. English All the major European gay rights groups are involved in this programme. English Their Parliament seems to be becoming ever more shameless in the way in which it is curtailing gay rights.

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English That is also essential for gay organisations. English Further, we call on Uganda to prosecute those who call for the public murder of gay people. English For that is exactly what lesbians and gay men are.

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English Just recently, on 17 May, we expressed our solidarity with transsexual, bisexual and gay people. Escucha la pronunciación. Diccionario Ejemplos Pronunciación Sinónimos Frases.

"homosexual" en inglés

Un adjetivo es una palabra que describe a un sustantivo p. La familia de Alan fue muy comprensiva cuando les dijo que era homosexual.

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Voy a ir a un bar gay con mi vecino esta noche. Un sustantivo es una palabra que se refiere a una persona, un animal, un lugar, un sentimiento o una idea p. There were lots of gays in the parade. Había muchos homosexuales en el desfile.

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Look at that gay over there. Mira a ese gay. It is extremely difficult for me as a gay man not to want to include specifically homophobia. It is a fact that homosexual activity carries the death penalty.

Mr Kazemi could be sent to Iran and executed for the crime of being a homosexual. Even a homosexual partnership, for instance, is seen here as equivalent to a family relationship.

"gay" en inglés

Incluso una relación homosexual , por ejemplo, se considera aquí que equivale a una relación familiar. Sinónimos Sinónimos español para "homosexual":. Spanish afeminado amanerado amariconado amariposado bujarrón desviado gay invertido lesbia lesbiana marica maricón mariposa mariquita puto.